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About treasure treasure


Educational books, internet sites, medical students and doctors are all the same. It is possible to say that the type of legal capital is correct, but there are some old ideas, national disparities, and customary disparities that have produced huge differences. The special thing is that the new mother's party is very dangerous and unknown. The most important thing at this time is to see and understand your own treasure. See if you can find your own treasure, if you look at yourself when you see your treasure. This is the first consideration, because there are some treasures and some nurturing methods, matching self-talent is the most important.


All things considered, for basic daily management, it is necessary to read the following.

When I was faced with a problem when I was growing up, I thought about it first. You are a person, you are not a toy, you are not a foreigner, you are a person with a thought. This idea is a very important circumstance.


European and Asian competitions are not good for washing sebum, so it is unnecessary obesity, one round or three times, etc. There are some medical students who don't meet, and this is why others don't want to go out and play, so they don't see themselves.

However, the truth is that there are a lot of stains per Tenya meeting! The new generation of the new generation of skin cells has been very active, and the cell connection has been continuously replaced. Adult body weight difference is more than 3 times, relative to adult body weight ratio is about 1.5㎡/60KG, and the weight is 0.2㎡/3KG. As a result, the surface area occupied by the skin is actually very proportional, and the skin is thin. This is due to the sweat hydrating sebum that produces dirt on the skin.

Treasure treasure within 6 months, maximum amount of sebum secretion. It has a weak skin texture (adults are weakly acidic), and the number of indigenous bacteria is very low.

In addition, there is a stream of mouthwater, spitting water, frequent excretion, etc., so it is necessary to cleanse the adults.

In addition, there is a small amount of dirt on the skin, such as the chest, the sleeves, the hands, between the fingers, and the head. That's why it's perfect for health.


It is possible to reach the answer. The most ideal is a bathing suit and a changeable undergarment.The purpose of bathing is....

1. Whole body skin cleansing (removing bacteria, fungi, protecting skin) Specially for dermatitis, hypersensitive skin change needs

2. Promote blood circulation and metabolism (promote self-relief), improve skin tone.

3. Severe general condition examination, comprehension physical condition (early onset abnormal)

4. Prevent eczema, prevent dryness, prevent oil

5. It is also a kind of suitable full-body exercise. Bathing is required every day. leaky eczema


In addition, after a long time, there were many opportunities to play games, and the body of the outdoor ashes had a lot of dirt, so I returned to the house and removed the ashes. Hypoallergenic bath, bubble can promote metabolism, increase self-relief. It's very easy to use, and it's very easy to use, and it's easy to use.Water temperature about 38-39 degrees, It can be done for a number of minutes in a bubbly time.

Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and pigment-free for obesity. Handy or flexible cloths, blankets, etc. can be used in a small amount (unnecessary, too much foam, only a small amount is allowed). The whole body is washed with a warm and soft image.

Easy to collect dirt, such as the cord, hand, between fingers, back of the ear, armpit, hidden area, related area, etc. After bathing, apply a soft towel to the skin, absorb moisture throughout the body, and apply moisturizing frost (emulsion, milk frost, etc.) to the whole body.

Excessive use of the original on the body makes the skin viscous and viscous, and dirt easily remains. However, the climate (indoor environment) is very dry, and the skin does not dry easily without moisturizing.

The use of this moisturizing frost is possible. (If the skin is not dried, it is good for a small amount of work.)

Specially adapted dermatitis, hypersensitive skin treasure is essential to keep the skin clean, suitable for after bathing the skin moisturizing frost protection skin, no bacteria intrusion is one very important point.



If you live in a hot spring village, you can enjoy the treasure in the bubble hot water, so the treasure is the most welcome.


It's good to have regular paperwork and urine coverage. I'm one of the people who answer the basics of my own life. Inconsistent before and after, the quality of the current tissue is very good, there are many types, and the contact skin part has been changed over multiple studies. For low urine, multi-order words, good water absorption, ability to absorb moisture, the surface of the urine is refreshing.

The fabric has a good texture, but when washing, it must be washed with water to dry and dry, and it is necessary to always check it once it is moistened. It's okay, but it's hard to prevent the urine from being washed away.

There was a problem with the fabric that the city was not able to sense, and when I arrived at the meeting, I was diagnosed with the fabric, but in fact, the difference between the paper and the fabric was very small. There is a difference between individuals who have self-employment when they are in the treasure, training treasure 1-2. In addition, a child's note: In the East-West era, it's basically a problem to feel comfortable.

No matter what the paper is, it's urine cloth, excrement is required to be replaced by another person, and it is necessary to replace it by another person. If you have a knowledgeable situation, you can only use it for 2-3 times a day and replace it. The skin that can be injured on horseback, so it is necessary to immediately replace the urine piece.


However, this is the story, and the number of degrees in the new generation is very large. There are a lot of times when you can meet a small amount of energy, and when you have a lot of times, it's very common. (It's a normal situation if you can't recharge your gas strength.) Sometimes it's difficult to find it, but because it's not possible to recharge it? Unnecessary, if the result is very small, the paper width can be removed, and one small piece of paper paper can be delivered to the local area. Afterwards, there will be a change in the situation with urine or lame. As a result, there are a lot of urine pieces, and it is very difficult to change the urine pieces. The urine sheet is moistened once, the urine sheet has a slight weight, and the absorption area has a slight image effect. You can use the urine sheet for work in the sun, think about the treasure good sleep on the night, this is also a kind of method that will never fail.


When you use urine cloth, it is necessary to use it. It has been used to prevent lower extremity deformity, so use an active urinary lining.

When you use urine cloth, you can wear urine cloth when you wear it.

The man's urine cloth is slightly thicker on the front, and the woman's waist is slightly thicker on the lower part of the crotch.

Due to the replacement of unnecessary jobs, the prevalence of paperwork in the European area has already spread. However, it is a very strong deodorant that contains paper urine pieces that are already available. There is also a large amount of urinary rash on the buttocks and milky frost. The capital is only able to replace small pieces of urine, but how is it going? On the other hand, this method is not suitable for me.

So far, I've been looking at the reason why I haven't been able to pass the urine. ? Just a thought, if you don't mind if you don't have a small amount of paper, you can just rub the wet paper and put it on? What should be done after washing in a bath?


The sebaceous glands and sweat glands of the skin are similar to those of adults, and respiration per day. Keeping clean and suitable for dryness and preventing rashes.

After urinating, wipe the skin with a slightly damp cloth or damp cloth after urinating. (Remaining on the skin of the refreshing ash corps, sticky ordinary Hayashiya like this)

The atmosphere of the forest, the treasure chest that can be exhausted. (When you go abroad, you can use a wet paper towel.) Just expose your farts and wash with hot water in the washbasin. May or may not be used as manure, but must be washed with warm water.

Occasionally, wet paper towels can be wiped clean, and can be washed dry. Moisture absorption by dry hair towel for after use. This fart meeting is very refreshing, and it feels special to have a treasure trove.

If you refuse to wash the basin, etc., you can wash it with a small amount of warm water in a bottle that can be used. Just like that, the method is simple.


In case you have a treasured fart, you don't need to use a wet paper towel. Caused by weak skin, friction with reusable damp cloth, and increased damage to the skin on the face. In addition, it has a weak skin texture. As a result, you need to work hard, wash your hands, wash your hands, and wash your hands.

For large skin lesions and eruptions, use a urinary urinary plaster (urine rash plaster) on a thick layer to prevent repeated infringement and protection of the skin. Directly heals wounds, requires diligence.

As a result, there is no urinary urinary eruption partly containing microbes. Because of the demand for sterilized bacteria, I went to the hospital for a medical examination. To finish this uncreated atmosphere, requires diligence, keeps the fart clean and refreshing.

excretion method

1. Preliminary urine strips. The grip is flattened out, and the thigh folds outward.

 2. Urinary fluid is released from the upper part of the urine, the back is slightly higher than the abdomen, preventing urine leakage from the back.

3. One-sided opening of the urine, usually one-sided opening for defecation. Specially, the man's treasure, the toilet bowl is very high, the best use is a dry cloth or a wet cloth, so you don't have to urinate suddenly.


4. Rubbing buttocks

When rubbing the buttocks, there is no difference between men's treasures and women's treasures. (Refer to the image on the left) The part of the male treasure that needs attention, the female treasure that needs attention is the part of the dirt that remains in the tunnel. Carefully rub the posterior surface of the femoral root, small chicken and testicles.


Nyoba Treasure is necessary to open the lips, rub off the dirt on the surface. At this time, rubbing the front and back (in the direction of the fart in the morning), rubbing the primary paper towel is not necessary and rubbing repeatedly, so as not to cause bacterial infection. No friction when the crotch comes out, can be washed with warm water immediately. It's just a little bit of a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit. Dried cloth or paper cloth for the aftermathNo need to pay attention to the dirt on the urine. The legs are barefoot, but this is inappropriate. If you don't like to wear your legs bare or you don't want to wear a shirt, it's best to wear a thigh or a kneecap.  Dried. Keeps you cool and refreshed and can prevent urinary eruption.

6. It is necessary to prevent the production gap leading to the leakage of the product.


Man treasure essential sex organs are released in the morning. As a result, it is a treasure that has not fallen off, so it is necessary to hold it with caution, so it is necessary to hold it in one direction or another. As a result, the urine passes long, and it can be folded again. The contact treasure skin is soft on the inside, and the outside is sticky.


7. The corresponding position for the purchase of the goods, and the opening of the division. Afterwards, the waist and thigh folds should be avoided. If you can't pay attention to the viscosity, you can only use one hand.

The roots and treasures are the same, the body shape is the same. Occasionally there is a small amount of urine, but sometimes it is not. A certain amount of caution is required, and the special type is the thigh and the waist. The left and right joints are only available at the cervical bone part, and one scale has been taken into consideration.


8. When the lumbar joint is tight and the thigh is overstretched, the urinary tract in the back is high, and it is possible to wear it at the waist.






9. When the waist is combined with the thigh, the urine is slightly high on the front side, and the general store can be purchased immediately.





10. Behind the easy production gap, because of the viscous time, it is difficult to grasp the production gap.

You can wash and dry your farts, and you can sleep properly.

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