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はじめまして    About Me 

こんにちは。MOM Family Support の Michelle Yuki Leonです。



Myself, Michelle Yuki Leon, am a former nurse who moved to Canada from Japan in 1996. I have experience of nursing in many categorized medical fields. With my knowledge and experiences I have put together this program of MOM Family Support since 1997. As I started with small gathering events to medical consultations; I have gradually added other programs into MOM Family Support such as, Japanese/English Prenatal Class, after birth care guidance, and lactation breast massage and consultations. 

The history of breast massage in Japan is a popular tradition, this technique was researched by obstetrician and midwife specialists. This technique helps for breastfeeding mothers and any issued of lactation problems. I have learned and taken the basic techniques in Japan and improved techniques with my experiences and provide advice within lactation consultations. 

As a professional technician I provide pain-less massages and like to be able to help as many mothers. 

From 2022, we will use ZOOM to expand our activities so that we can give some lectures and give advice to everyone across Canada.

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活動の願い  I hope...


For mothers to be able to do child care healthily; to be able to support in any way. Studying to not fall behind in the development of medical technology and studies.  

これからも...    In Future...

MOM Family Supportは単独の活動ではありますが、これからもできる限り多くのお母さんと子どもたちを支える活動を続けてゆきたいと思います。

MOM Family Support is a one person business, on going I like to be able to support many mothers and children as much as possible with this program. 

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