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About breast milk, city exchange MOM!


Are you sure you want a breast massage?


Since the beginning of the national revolution in Asia, breast massage is a traditional Japanese technique, and it is an important medical technique for breastfeeding.

Japanese breast massage is a basic treatment method that can be produced under the joint research of birth anatomy and physiological body function by a midwifery doctor.

Discontinued mammary gland pain, accelerated blood circulation and increased secretion, naturally increased breast milk secretion.

Through this massage, the ability to solve problems such as milk blockage and inflammation.

This individual treatment method and guidance method are available to a large number of medical workers. Nowadays, Japanese families, MOMs, and other national families are all progressing to breastfeeding.


After giving birth, I started breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding breastfeeding for MOM after giving birth is a separate instructional item.

I'm going to help you with the situation that is rooted in the treasure. Breast massage to promote breast milk secretion, increased volume. Guided treasure chest method, real breast milk feeding.



Breastfeeding problems (inflammation, blockage, etc.)  


Postpartum hemoptysis-induced mammary glands, hardening and pain induced by milk blockage, breast damage, lack of milk, improper sucking, resistance to breast milk, growth, secondary breast enlargement, infection-induced mastitis, etc. Everything is quick and local.

Extraordinary guidance, underlying conditions, and many are inaccurate.

Regarding breastfeeding problems, no need to worry, call MOM on the phone! A separate guideline for appropriate breast massage is a quick solution.


caution! !

Breast 肿肀, transformation image stone head one hard, hot, intense pain and throbbing hard lump never disappears. . When I came across this little problem, I couldn't change the heat bed, and I couldn't change the pressure or the suction machine. A cold blanket for the neck, after that, call MOM on the horse.


breast massage during breastfeeding


Accelerated breast milk secretion, progressive opening of milk ducts, increased breast milk production. Breastfeeding guidance, treasure control, all the treasure treasure physical conditions are not included, but the basic requirement measurement weight and weight feeding amount, you can also proceed with some childcare guidance.


cutting off


Baobao's most pleasing breast milk.

The time of the breakup was decided, but the breakup was favorable, and the growth was favorable.

MOM has a break item, massage after break, water without need for replenishment, clean up after break in favorable conditions. Please ask MOM.












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