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A long trip for Japanese children


Please note the following points:


Information on long-distance travel by train


Take control of the good route, check the convenient resting place.

During breastfeeding, breastfeeding should be done every 2-3 hours.

Regional breastfeeding that requires complete rest. After all, it is a resting time such as urination that is required by childhood. On the fixed seat in the car, the child who has been coming down for a long time will not be disappointed.

  It is possible to stop the primary car every 1 to 1 half hour, and drive off the car. It's very important to always fill up the water with your child, so don't overdo it. It is an exception, and it is not possible to go on a general train at night. The air is not good, the temperature is too low, the body cannot be raised, and this is a very poor environment.

The result is a certain distance over night, so you don't need a certain amount of study, and you can go anywhere on the way. Unnecessarily long hours on uneven roads. Sustained violent tremors, the shock of sitting on a child's chair, could cause shocks, violent shocks and injuries to serious injuries. It is a convenient method, and it is important to always pay attention to the child's physical condition.



Aircraft conditions


Due to the distance to the destination, the time and time are different, but it is possible to choose the route that is available. It is very hard for adults to talk about many different things, not to be a child. An elementary school machine needs a lot of energy, and the situation is unsatisfactory, and it's easy to spend enough time on the machine.

Pre-registration at the airline company meeting. The situation of Yayukai's preparatory work is a toy, and it is a requirement. The underlying airline is different, the content of the service is different, so please check with the airline before submitting.


In the early days, I was able to register for the flight, and if there was a vacant position in the sky, it was possible to reserve a vacant position. Unsatisfied children are always sitting, so there is no sitting position, so it is possible to sit at any time.


Submit this request at the time of early registration, and the counterparty will respond favorably. However, in the high peak period, it is not possible to be realistic, so it is possible that the child will start traveling in the early season. You can apply for a license within 5-6 months. A small box with a small floor and a seat seat in front, so the appropriate sitting position is small, so please apply early. In addition, there is a weight limit, generally less than 10KG, but different from other airlines. Due to the danger of being dropped, the child can use the ability independently.

A private airline company has a chair to enter the aircraft. It is possible to bring a simple hand-operated vehicle at any time, and it will be stored in the air after entering the airport. After registration, you can rent a car from a private airline company.

It's a good place to eat before boarding the plane, because it takes a long time to prepare for the flight. It's easier to fall asleep on the plane than when you're on the plane, or you can play on your own. (The majority of international airports have playgrounds for children.)


The inside of the aircraft is extremely dry, and it is necessary to remove moisture regularly. (Normal time interval is short compared to feeding time, which is good.) However, when the air pressure suddenly drops at the start of the flight, the air is inflated when entering the lungs, causing a problem. There is no need to vomit because of the cause of the formation of the society. There are carpets provided in the aircraft, but they are not always ready for people to come, so they are very good compared to the Air Force. Be prepared with a thin blanket or rug, which can be used as a child's blanket, as a sleeping child, as an emergency convenience.


The cause of childhood is that it is easy to wear clothes such as vomiting, fashion, urinary incontinence, etc., so there are 3 outfits that are ready-to-wear. The airline company has a preparatory piece, but it's best to prepare it yourself. Children's interesting storybooks, picture books, toys, etc. Recently, I have watched a small self-owned TV program, which can be viewed as a child's school. You can watch DVDs that you can enjoy, and you can watch DVDs that you can carry around with you.


  It's easy for a long-time passenger, and it's good to get up and down every 1-2 hours. I had a lot of time to sleep as a small child, and after a long time, I was so excited that I fell asleep. It has a static effect when taken before a medical student starts, and is relatively easy to use and fall asleep.


Every home airline company has a round trip after birth, but if there are special circumstances, it is better to be tired and stable after childbirth. Injection seedlings from Canada 2 months after birth, it is best to re-start after the second injection.

Destinations are different, water quality, food types, cooking methods, health conditions, etc. are all different. Preliminary review of local food, health, medical and safety conditions. Registered travel insurance. The Japanese have been living in Japan for a long time, and have signed up for the National Health Insurance.


Problems such as air pressure changes on the plane are rare, humidity is too low, and the air pressure in the air is affected by the middle ear. Regarding low volume, low volume, difficulty breathing, but it is a problem with cardiopulmonary function and health. (Inside the aircraft, the air pressure)

Low humidity makes it easy to dry the membrane, which makes it difficult to create a good atmosphere, which can lead to infection. Cause-induced otitis media is called otitis media due to aviation. There is a small amount of air in the middle ear (inside the tympanic membrane), and the ear canal and throat are interrelated. This ear canal is closed at normal times, and the air pressure inside the ear canal is adjusted to the outside world and the inside ear. However, when the air pressure suddenly changes, the ear canal is closed, and the eardrum can cause aerotitis media due to internal and external differences in the tympanic membrane. Because of conjunctive eustachian tube pressure, no air flow in and out, problems that easily occur when falling (naturally cause ear pain during flight).


If you are a child, you may cry when you feel pain in your ear. Sucking breast milk or fingering, you can change your ears.

As a result of cold-induced inflammation of the upper respiratory tract or the onset of otitis media, hypersensitive rhinitis, etc., the ear canal becomes more easily blocked, and the otitis media worsens during use. Therefore, the demand for colds that do not require attention at the desk, such as colds, is postponed. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to look for a medical student, and the Japanese medical student business is the best.


After arriving at the destination, I quickly arrived at the residence, resting, drinking water. (It's the best thing we've ever had!) Eating easily digestible food.


If you have trouble with your ears, or if you have trouble falling asleep due to the time difference, you can use an appropriate dosage of a pain reliever (for young children) to relieve pain and inflammation. Fall asleep easily. After waking up the first day of sleep, the problem occurred, and the second natural feeling was that the ears were unsatisfactory, and there was some liquid leaking out of the ears.


The rate of water loss in an adult is twice as fast as in a child, and there is no law to retain internal body water. Easy drying of the nose and throat, easy to dry, attached to bacteria. Adults with unmatched stamina, because of the impossibility of an adult's balance, it is necessary for a child to come to the center and take care of it.


It's not a good or easy temporary trip, but it's not a good time to spend, and the best is a relaxing vacation.

Happy Celebration!



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