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Baby checkup and potluck party

Baby Checkup and Potluck Party


Why don't you expand your circle of friends while enjoying lunch at a potluck?

Baby's weight, height measurement and individual childcare consultation for infants are available.

(Guided by Michelle.)


Free infant checkup (weight and height measurement) and baby care consultation.

The Potluck Party is much fun !! Mothers can enjoy eating and talking with other mothers.



This meeting is held once every two months. The permanent venue has not been decided, so we will let you know when it is held.

Mothers with small babies (including fathers), pregnant women who want to meet senior mothers, everyone is welcome.

Please feel free to relax and chat while enjoying the delicious food brought by everyone.

New encounters are waiting for you.

Relax and refresh yourself from the fatigue of daily childcare.

The event will be announced on the website, e-mail magazine, Nikkei newspaper, Nikkei bulletin board, etc. at any time.

Please check our event schedule on the top page of the website. 

Tableware and drinks are prepared here.
Please bring your own milk and baby food for your baby.


    *This activity is a non-profit activity of MOM.


     Click here for participation fee

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