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Multiparous Birth Preparation Review Class

Prenatal Review Class (for 2nd or more pregnancy)

(this class for Japanese only)


This is a childbirth preparation class for women who have given birth after the second child.




1. Precautions during pregnancy

2. Birth signs and timing of hospitalization

3. Precautions for postpartum life

4. Nursing, breastfeeding and baby care

5. How to get along with older children


This class is centered around   and other questions and answers.


 A casual class to review things you may have forgotten about childbirth, baby care,


Lecture time is about 3 hours, and there is no problem even if older children are present.

There is no English interpreter, so the lecture will be in Japanese only.


I will travel to your home, so you can freely arrange the date and time.

It is also possible to request a business trip lecture with two or more pairs of friends.




I think that it is good to participate in the middle of pregnancy, but please arrange it according to your physical condition.




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