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The present and the past of the relevant birth elementary school


When I was in elementary school in the past, the medical condition that I had in the past was not good enough, and the surrounding environment was different compared to the surrounding environment. Information emerges.

Under the current circumstances, the child's physical strength decreased, and the child's physical strength decreased after profuse bleeding. In the presence of a sufficiently clean environment, the elementary school received the threat of an infectious disease, and many children died at the meeting of the newborn.

Given this trivial situation, it is possible to think about how people can think, and it is possible to protect the product and give birth to a new life. For example

  • After finishing elementary school, I will be in bed for a month.

  • During this month, I don't need to take ice cold food → so I can take care of my stomach and keep my body warm.

  • Eating high-calorie food → Because the ingredients of each country and region are not the same, it is necessary to eat high-calorie food for daily meals, so the ability to use the body is quickly achieved and the amount of breast milk secretion is increased.

  • Don't wash your head for a month → So keep your body warm and avoid infectious threats.

  • Birth mothers and newborns do not appear → so as not to cause physical exhaustion and infectious threats.


This little bit of knowledge is from the beginning to the present day.

In today's imagination, of course, the medical conditions and the living environment exist in an inferior area. At present, the living environment of our country is increasing, and the medical environment of some advanced countries such as Japan is not sufficiently good, and the living environment is good and unreliable. Comparing food for daily use, food is abundant, water quality is very safe, the living environment is kept clean and the air is maintained at a constant temperature, and the home environment is a constant guarantee. As a result, it is possible to exclude all the above.




















Of course, proper rest after giving birth is also very important, and it is absolutely necessary to stay in bed once a month. It is said that after this birth two weeks later, due to heavy bleeding and after childhood, physical exhaustion, lack of sleep, physical decline caused by lack of sleep, new born mothers feeling abnormally tired, etc. At the end of this period, the amount of breast milk secretion is maintained, and a certain amount of food is required for the child to eat and rest during the interval. The family's help is indispensable, and the body will soon recover.


Eating a small amount of food is also unnecessary, currently the stomach is in a relatively weak condition, and the bacteria in the stomach are less easy to produce and indigestion. Because of the need to produce a large amount of blood during physical recovery, the need to take a large amount of protein, such as meat, fish, beans, etc. Other names such as green vegetables, red-yellow vegetables, root vegetables, etc. Takes about 2L or 3L of water in a day. 2500 cal to 2800 cal during breastfeeding period.

Currently, the food supply is abundant, such as excessive intake of high-calorie foods, high-sugar dim sum, high-fat oil-yellow and oil-rich foods, high-sugar fruits and oil-rich foods, reciprocal consumption of blood Sugar-fed fat makes blood very viscous, which can reduce the quality of breast milk produced by the production of mammary gland blockage mastitis. One month after giving birth, if the breast enlargement occurs, eat a small amount of food or stop eating.

When bathing in a cold bath, a constant guaranteed bath bath is clean, basic maintenance is progressing every day. If you don't keep your body surface clean, it's easy to spread bacteria. Keeping the mother's skin clean is very important during the newborn's refractory situation.

The reason for this is that when you are in the bathroom, you can accelerate blood circulation and improve the skin's new age. Exhausted and reborn every day.

Run except for kankanchi. After 5 to 10 minutes, you can go out for a walk. Under such favorable weather conditions, it is possible to go out and breathe fresh air. New air can be delivered to support pipes, sunshine can be generated under the skin.


It is the only other life element that the human body can produce by itself, and it is a very important other life element that can promote the development of the human body's immune system and achieve a high level of human immunity. After 5 to 10 minutes of sunshine, it is possible to generate radiation. While I was away for a short time, my mother was able to do this emotionally. Unnecessarily spending a long time in a crowded area with many people, this meeting was physically exhausting and possible suffering from a minor illness. We recommend that you visit a place near your home, take a walk around the city with fresh air, and visit the city without problems.

All kinds of wisdom that emerged from the city in each era, the city at that time was very rational, because of the changes that occurred over time - some theoretical changes existed, but some were borrowed.





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