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baby food talk

Baby food lesson and tea party


Lessons about baby nutrition and how to introduce a solid food. Weaning food know-how is given. MOM will answer any concerns about baby-food, or baby care.

(Japanese Program)


Baby food is one of the top three concerns about childcare.


when should i start? What should I give you? How much should I let him eat?

Worried about allergies? Not eating, eating too much, unevenness...

Don't worry about your mother.


Baby food is like reading, and a baby who drank only milk gradually becomes able to take in different foods.

kind of like practice. Take your time and get used to it.

What matters is quality over quantity.

It is important to learn the taste and texture of various ingredients.


About such baby food, what you want to know, what you are worried about, what you are having trouble with, etc.

Think of a solution.

Useful ideas are also welcome, so let's talk about anything about baby food from early to late to completion! !


If you are starting baby food for the first time, if you have already started baby food but have any concerns or questions, please ask friends who have children of the same age.

Anyone who wants to make it is welcome.

Let's solve the troubles of baby food with a casual chat while eating a small tea and snacks.



It will be held irregularly. For details and event information, please see the website, e-mail magazine, Nikkei newspaper, and Nikkei bulletin board.


*This activity is a non-profit activity.


           Click here for participation fee



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