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Baby care Which is better, Canada or Japan?


Japanese childcare books, HP, Canadian childcare books, what doctors and nurses say, which one is better or worse? I think there are many things to worry about.

It can be said that all of them are correct, but there are many things that differ greatly due to old ideas, differences in countries, differences in customs, etc. New mothers may find it difficult to know what to do.

At such times,The first thing is to watch your baby.

What do you think your baby will be comfortable with, and what is easy for you to do when raising your child? What can you agree with?

Prioritize it. There are as many ways to raise children as there are babies.


However, let's talk a little bit about basic care.

If you have any worries about childcare, first try to replace yourself. Babies are human beings, neither toys nor dolls. A person who feels the same as you. It is very important to raise children with this in mind.


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About baby bath


There is a big difference between teaching in Japan and Canada.

This is because the meaning of "ofuro" is very different in Japan, where the purpose of bathing is to recover from fatigue, calm the mind, and improve health.


In Europe, America, and Canada, it is not good to remove the sebum of the baby, so it is said that soap should not be used, and baths should be done once a week or once every three days. Some doctors and nurses say that babies don't get dirty much. This is because the baby doesn't go outside alone, so you don't have to worry about the dirt that sticks outside.


But the truth is, babies get really dirty every day! !


A baby's skin cells are very metabolically active. Cells are constantly being replaced. Adults and babies differ in body size by more than three times. Their skin is thin, and they have the same number of sebaceous and sweat glands as adults, so they are like monkeys with many holes. As a result, sweat and oil are produced more and more, making the skin dirty.

Until about 6 months old, the amount of sebum secretion is also large.

again,Babies' skin is weakly alkaline (adults are weakly acidic), and on top of that, there are few indigenous bacteria, the self-cleaning action is low, and the ability to prevent bacteria and fungi from entering is very weak.

In addition, drooling, regurgitation, frequent peeing and pooping make a baby's body much dirtier than an adult's.

On top of that, the layers of skin are full of dirt and sweat. (Smell your navel, the wrinkles on your neck, your palms, between your fingers, and your head.)

Therefore,For the health of the baby, the basics of baby care are cleanliness + moisturizing + low stimulation.


If you come this far, the answer will come out.It is ideal to take a bath every day and change underwear every day.


The purpose of the bath

1.   Baby whole body skin cleansing (removing bacteria, fungi, protection)

This is especially important for children with atopic, allergic dermatitis.

2.   Promotes baby's blood circulation, promotes metabolism (promotes self-cleaning), strengthens skin

3.   Checking and grasping the general condition of the baby (early detection of abnormalities)

Four.   Prevention of exacerbation of eczema, prevention of heat rash, prevention of seborrheic eczema

5. Moderate full-body exercise




If you can't use the bath every day, at least wipe your whole body and wash your buttocks frequently..


Also, if your baby gets a little older and has more opportunities to go outside, it will get even more dirty with dust from the outside air, so it's a good idea to give him a quick shower when you get home.


You can also take a shower, but soaking in hot water promotes metabolism and enhances self-cleansing.

How to use the bath is easy. I don't want you to scrub it. The skin is thin and vulnerable to stimulation, so it's okay to do it quickly.The temperature of the hot water is about 38 to 39 degrees (the temperature of the amniotic fluid), and the time to soak in the hot water is about a few enough.

Soap should be mild and free of fragrances and dyes. Apply a small amount to your hands, soft gauze, or washcloth (not enough to create foam, just enough to barely cover) and gently wash your entire body.

Wrinkles on the neck, palms, between the fingers, behind the ears, armpits, genitals, joints, etc. are covered with skin and dirt accumulates. After that, the soap is dropped like stroking it. After getting out of the bath, lightly press the skin with a soft towel to remove all moisture from the baby's body, and then immediately apply a mild moisturizing agent (lotion, cream, etc.) for babies.


If you put too much sticky cream on your baby's body, it may stain the baby's body, which is not good for you. will dry out more than necessary.

Therefore, it is advisable to use a moisturizer. (If your skin doesn't dry out too much, just a little is fine.)


For children with atopic dermatitis or allergic dermatitis, it is important to keep the skin clean and apply a generous amount of moisturizer after bathing to protect the skin from bacteria.


Inside the warm water is the same as inside the mother's stomach. Babies who look really happy in the hot water, babies love baths.

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