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Breastfeeding massage, postpartum breastfeeding guidance
Breast massage, after birth breast feeding support

What is Breastfeeding Massage?


Breastfeeding massage** is a traditional technique in Japan and is positioned as an important medical procedure for breastfeeding, but there is no such technique in other countries.

Breastfeeding massage in Japan was developed based on joint research by midwives and obstetricians based on the anatomical and physiological functions of the body. It does not damage the mammary glands, promotes blood circulation, promotes hormone secretion, and naturally increases milk production.

Painless massage:There is an image that breast milk massage is painful, but MOM's

I try to do a massage that is as painless as possible and that does not put a burden on the mammary glands.

This massage can also treat problems such as milk stasis and inflammation.

This treatment and instruction method has been praised by Canadian medical professionals who see it for the first time, and recently, not only Japanese families but also multinational families are working hard to complete motherhood with MOM's breast milk massage.


What is the breast massage?

Lactation breast massage is a special method of Japan that has been created by obstetricians and midwives based on the anatomical physiological knowledge and research.

Michelle will provide the appropriate massage based on more than 30 years of experience.




MOM's breast massage works for...

1. Improve the blood circulation for breast milk production.

2. Increase the hormone for milk production.

3. Reduce tension, pain or other problems of breast condition.

Michelle provide painless massage to mothers.

Michelle gives individualized feeding program, not only breastfeeding. Michelle will advice any style of feeding to each family in the way they prefer. Michelle's goal is to help mothers and babies live a happy life.

Our massage program support....

1. Start breast feeding after labor.

2. Maintenance breast care.

3. Mastitis or any trouble with breast feeding.

4 .After care for termination of breast feeding (stopping breast feeding).


take care! !

Your breasts are swollen, hard and stone-like, you have a fever, you have severe pain, or you have a large lump that won't come off even after breastfeeding.In case of trouble, never warm it up too long, press it yourself, squeeze it hard, or pump it for too long! !

I will teach you the basics of how to deal with it, so please contact MOM immediately!

778-862-8539 (text only)

If you do not take appropriate and early measures, it may induce or worsen mastitis.



If you have the following symptoms regarding breast problem please contact us immediately !!

778-862-8539 (text only) or

1.  Redness skin part of breast(s)

2.  Big lump in your breast(s)

3.  Pain in your breast(s)

4.  Fever 




You want to start breastfeeding immediately after giving birth, but there are many problems such as not producing breast milk, or the baby not sucking well. MOM offers a fully personalized program for breastfeeding from the moment you give birth. Support in a style that suits mothers and babies.Breast milk massage**

Stimulates breast milk production and increases milk productionLet

In addition, ascertain how the baby drinks, so that it can drink well

Provide appropriate guidance and aim for complete breastfeeding*.


If you have any questions about breastfeeding, or if you have any questions,

Please feel free to consult with MOM at any time, for any matter.





Breastfeeding is fraught with problems, big and small. But it's okay, MOM will support you.

For breast swelling and milk stasis due to congestion immediately after childbirth

Lumps and sores, sore nipples, lack of milk, baby's

Poor sucking, refusal of breast milk, fever, swelling of secondary milk, due to infection

Mastitis, etc., all require prompt and appropriate measures.

Much of the instruction given in Canada is inappropriate in some circumstances.

There are cases.

Don't hesitate to solve breastfeeding problems immediately! Please call MOM. Appropriate breastfeeding massage and an individualized program will help with early resolution*.


Breastfeeding trouble

Mastitis or any trouble with breast feeding











Weaning care (creating a free weaning program)

After care for termination of breast feeding

Weaning program


It's time to say goodbye to your baby's favorite breasts. You decide when to wean yourself, but you should help your baby grow by doing a good weaning. At MOM, we created a weaning program. After weaning, we used a massage to throw away the old milk in the breasts and

perform maintenance.If you want to stop breastfeeding, please consult with MOM first.


The maintenance massage for weaning is completed in 1 to 3 times depending on the condition of the breast.






* The results of instruction differ depending on the conditions of the mother and child.

**  The effect of massage varies from person to person.


The breast massage effects can vary with each patient.


Michelle is only one Japanese breast massage technician in Western Canada with experience over 30 years



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