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Childbirth attendance support 《Labor Coach》  


Labor Coach, Michelle Leon support the mother and her partner feel safe and confident during and after the labor, teaching natural breathing control, advice all of labor situations, translate between medical stuff and mother and continue support after birth and breast feeding. Only 1~ 2 families every month.

Reservation required.  This service is provided under a personal contract and does not include medical assistance.

This service is for Japanese mothers only.


Everyone feels uneasy about their first childbirth, and especially in a foreign environment where the language is different, mothers' feelings of loneliness and anxiety become even greater.

You may lose it. There are many people who are not confident in English or who can barely speak it.

Even though it's my first time giving birth, it's almost impossible for everyone around me to say, "Calm down," in English.


Even multiparous women are worried because it is their first time abroad.

Even if you are fluent in English, it can be difficult to understand medical English when you are going through labor pains.


For those whoAt MOM, Michelle Yuki Leon, who has a wealth of experience in obstetrics and worked as a nurse in Japan, accompanies her as a Labor Coach from the time she is hospitalized.In cooperation with the hospital staff, until the childbirth is completed safely, we provide guidance on breathing techniques, massage to relieve labor pain, explanation of the situation, doctors andWe will explain the nurse's instructions, provide mutual interpretation, give advice, and give guidance on how to push.


Since we are a caregiver under an individual contract, we are not recognized as a medical provider under a hospital contract, so please understand that we will not directly take care of the baby, perform internal examinations, check vital signs, etc.


Please note that appointments are limited to 1-2 appointments per month. Please make a reservation early.

(Priority given to childbirth preparation class participants)

As of 2021, hospital rules for family accompaniment due to COVID-19 have changed. Therefore, I can't attend the meeting other than in the form of acting on behalf of my family.


Those who have not participated in the childbirth preparation class will be required to take a one-on-one lecture on childbirth before childbirth.

($65 textbook included for home-visit lectures. Class participants not required)

(Please note that a $10 long-distance transportation fee will be added to the above for residents of the following areas.

west , Langley, Abbotsford, Mission ,North and West Vancouver ) from UBC and Vancouver Burrad st


After giving birth, you can receive free visit support with breast milk massage 3 times.

Visiting support for postpartum motherscare, newborn care advice, breast massage, bathing instruction, breastfeeding instruction, etc.


(Prices differ depending on the progress of childbirth, emergency surgery, etc. If you miss the birth, only the travel fee will be charged.)


​ The only hospitals that can be attended are the Greater Vancouver area.

    Basic attendance fee (up to 6 hours after arrival at the hospital) + 3 visits to your postpartum home for guidance $700

    (Please note that a $50 postpartum transportation fee will be added for residents of the following areas: Abottsford, Langry, UBC ,

West Vancouver, Maple ridge, Delta, South Surrey, White Rock)


      Overtime attendance $25/hour

Guidance by phone and email before and after childbirth is free 24 hours a day


     Postpartum visits are not permitted in the following areas. Birth support within Greater Vancouver only.

Squamish, Wistler, Pemberton, Hope

Delivery attendance support $350 (up to 6 hours)

Overtime attendance at birth $25/hour

Guidance by phone and email before and after childbirth is free 24 hours a day

​ Vancouver Island, BC, USA outside the Greater Vancouver area are not covered by the service.





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