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Postpartum home visit guidance

(After birth support & Breast feeding support)

  • Home Visit (include lactation breast massage): Michelle Leon can visit your home to check mother's after birth condition, teach newborn care and support breastfeeding.



In Canada, you will be discharged from the hospital 1-2 days after giving birth, and 2-4 days after Caesarean section.

As a general rule, mothers and babies stay in the same room even during hospitalization.

While you are in the hospital, the nurses will give you various instructions, but they are in English, and depending on the nurse and the doctor,

There are many cases where the instruction content is different, which may cause confusion for new dads and moms.


Usually within 48 hours after you leave the hospital, a visiting nurse will come to your home to provide local childcare information, give breastfeeding guidance, and check your baby.

However, depending on the area you live in, there are no visits, and there are more and more cases of telephone calls only.


When you are already tired after giving birth and are in a state of hypersensitivity to childcare that you cannot get used to,

Teaching in a language other than your mother tongue can sometimes be stressful.

In addition, in the case of families with international marriages, the difference in thinking and child-rearing methods between Japan and the husband's country may be confusing.


At MOM Family Support, Michelle Leon will visit your home immediately after birth to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and to assess the characteristics of your newborn.While explaining, daily care, how to give breast milk, guidance on bathing, etc.

In addition, we provide guidance on breastfeeding care by measuring the amount of breastfeeding and breastfeeding massage, guidance on appropriate breastfeeding tailored to the individual,mother's

We provide comprehensive support, including lifestyle guidance, early detection of abnormalities, and individual counseling.

For this service, those who have taken all childbirth preparation classes can receive a special price for the first visit.


MOM generally recommends breastfeeding.

Michelle draws out milk naturally, provides a gentle massage, and guides you to full breastfeeding* quickly.

Breastfeeding massage**is a traditional technique in Japan and is positioned as an important medical procedure for breastfeeding, but there is no such thing as specialized research in other countries.

Breastfeeding massage in Japan was developed based on joint research by midwives and obstetricians based on the anatomical and physiological functions of the body. It does not hurt the mammary glands, promotes blood circulation, promotes hormone secretion, and improves natural milk production.


This massage can also treat problems such as milk stasis and inflammation.


This treatment and instruction method has been praised by Canadian medical professionals who see it for the first time, and recently, not only Japanese families but also multinational families are working hard to complete motherhood with MOM's breast milk massage. Michelle Leon is Canada's only professional breastfeeding massage practitioner.


MOM will provide postpartum care by Michelle Leon  visiting your home.  Michelle will answer any questions you may have, supports with bathing of newborn, breastfeeding and daily care tips on newborn; measuring breastmilk intake, breast massages for breastfeeding mothers, individualized breastfeeding guidance etc.,  Michelle will help in total newborn and mother's healthy postpartum life.

MOM supports mothers to breastfeed.
Michelle will teach the new mother how to massage to help the flow of breastmilk naturally. 
This breast massage technique has been recognized as an important medical technique and popular in Japanese community.
At MOM, this has been taught to multi-cultural families. Michelle Leon is only one professional lactation breast massage technician in Canada.

After giving birth to newborns and breastfeeding guidance, we also provide breastfeeding maintenance massage and childcare advice for babies according to their age. Please feel free to contact us.


  * The results of instruction differ depending on the conditions of the mother and child.

**  The effect of massage varies from person to person.


The results may vary depending on the condition of the mother and the newborn.
The massage effectiveness may vary.


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