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A message from MOM to mothers and fathers











Congratulations on your new baby.


Good luck to all of you.

Life with a baby will start from now on, but please don't be nervous.


When you become a mother for the first time, it seems that for some reason, both your father and mother are very perfectionist.

I am swayed by childcare books, the opinions of medical professionals, the opinions of my family and friends, etc., and I think "I have to do this" and "I have to do this".


But wait a minute.Your baby is a human being just like you.

Just as no one in the world is the same as you, no baby is the same.

Even if they were born on the same day, at the same time, same name, same gender, even twins, they are separate. Although there are similarities, they are never the same.


Babies are neither robots nor off-the-shelf products called "babies." From the moment they are born, they do not develop properly as written in the books.

Drink well, sleep well, and laugh well.


Do you and I feel the same, think the same, and act the same every day?

Some days I'm hungry and some days I'm not hungry. There are times when I want to go to sleep early, and times when I feel like I can't sleep. There are times when I feel calm and other times when I feel irritable for no reason.

It's the same with babies, no, it's a lot harder.


Babies are fed, slept, and seemingly at peace, but that is never the case.

For 9 months, the baby has been growing in the mother's womb, preparing, feeding and growing everything.

However, as soon as I was born, I was separated from my mother and decided to live using my own body and mind.

It's like it all happened all of a sudden.

The change in the baby's environment is unimaginably big. It's the same as being thrown into the big universe from the warm cocoon.


As soon as a baby is born, it adapts to this change of environment and spends every day in a dizzying dizzying pace as it adapts to its mental and physical development.

No wait, no no, you have to accept every day's changes more and more with a small body.

Your brain develops every day, and so do your sensitivities. However, the movement of the body develops later, so the stress increases.

Such a baby wants to snuggle up to its mother. Because we have lived together for so long.

You can't suddenly say, "Well, let's separate from today and become a fine baby."

A baby's only happiness, joy, and peace of mind is when he is close to his mother. That's all I've known since the baby was born.


For a baby, it's all about being attached to him as much as possible, rather than having his mother feed him properly, change diapers frequently, give him a bath, and so on.

Mother's warmth, heartbeat, gentle voice, and smile are what babies want.





Even if we can understand the logic of things, speak the language, and communicate our intentions, will we be able to quickly respond to major changes in our environment, such as moving house, job transfer, or school transfer?

Can you quickly adapt to changes in diet and lifestyle?

I can't It will take days, months, and even years for some people.

Please don't ask a baby who has a more drastic environmental change than us to be "a baby according to the childcare book".

It takes the same amount of time for the baby to grow, even longer than it did in the womb, to realize that they are not one with their mother.

For the first time, the baby can walk with its back turned to the mother.

Until then, I want to stay by my mother's side.


Don't be a perfect mom or dad, just be what your baby wants.

The baby didn't choose the mother or father in the manual.

I just love you.Don't look at your baby with the eyes of an adult. Don't think about the baby's life for the convenience of adults.

The rules, the rhythm of life, discipline, and sociality as a member of the family can only be established once the baby has come to understand that the "baby" and the "parents" are separate people.

Until the baby turns his back to the parent and stands up, please watch over the baby's daily growth and changes.


"Thank you for giving birth to me."

"Mom, thank you for being a father."

Please accept this 100% love message from your baby.


"Thank you for being born"

"Thank you for being our child"



Parent-child encounters are miraculous encounters.


Really, really congratulations.





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Michelle Yuki Leon

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