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You are good. Welcome MOM!

MOM is here to help you live a happy life and work hard.

To end childhood vitality healthy growth, MOM active. Passing through MOM, the life of a hopeful landlord is full of love and laughter.

Since 1996, MOM has been a large Japanese associate mother providing medical services for pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, breastfeeding, etc. At the same time, MOM has the ability to be new and compatible, and the treasure of health and growth is the goal of MOM. Nowadays, there are many Japanese families, and many other multi-national families that use MOM.

(Provided by MOM in English and Japanese.)


Various services for MOM(Lower row for points)

1.  instruction

2  Breast massage, postpartum feeding guidance

3.  postpartum life

4.  presentation

5.   A long trip to Japan





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