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MOM's story



Birth of Kyoki Houhou.

The landlord is suffering.

Waboho's life has started now, no need to worry.


My first parents, I don't know, I'm the perfect master of creating a multi-person city. The opinion of children, doctors, family members, friends, etc., is "something to be done", "not to do this", etc.

However, there are certain requirements such as this, and each child is one person. In the world, there is only one person in the world with the same child, and there is no one child in the world with the same child. Nai's date of birth, time of birth, Nai's last name, gender homogeneity, counting is not the same as twins. There are similar regions, but there are completely homologous people. It is a product of a person who shouts "Worship". I didn't meet him from birth, but I was born and grew up in the picture book. Good morning, good sleep, always laughing is impossible.

Every person, every sky has a similar feeling, a similar idea, a similar action? There are times when you are hungry, there are times when you are tired; Naturally, the situation has changed a lot.


After eating and drinking, you can rest and fall asleep. I've been here for 9 months, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to adjust it later.

When the mother was first born, she began to live in harmony with her own body, all of a sudden. On the other hand, this huge change is more imaginative than we can imagine. From the image of warm silkworms to the vast universe.

After a lifetime, the environment changes, and the mind and body grow, and so on. There is no waiting, there is no law, and the body is small and small, and it is a constant, unequal change.


Emotional sensory organ per heavenly capital growth. However, this is due to the dynamic growth ratio, which is why there is a great deal of pressure. At this time, I would like to wait for a mother-in-law. Due to the fact that the former one is directly in the middle of the world, the life of a mother has been born for a long time, and it is impossible for a child to become an independent unity.


Waiting for my mother to be the happiest, safest time, this is the sensible situation that can be born. For the mother who comes to the hospital, there is no comparison in the city, such as breast milk, regular urine, washing, etc.

Sensitive mother's temperature, heartbeat, gentle voice, and mother's laughter are hopeful.



Is it possible for us to express our self-will in the physical sense of things, how to deal with the arrival of the house, the repair work, the school, etc., when the huge environment changes? How can we respond to changes in food or lifestyle? I will not arrive. Every person needs a couple of months, a few months to a few years, and it's a change that can be experienced. Therefore, due to the drastic changes in the environment, there is no need to refer to the "children's books".

It's the time of the year, and the demand for demand has grown over time. From the start of the academic race, the talent was backed up by the mother. It's time to stop, and I'm waiting for the other city's mother's body.


If you don't want to be a perfect parent, you want to be a good parent. Parents who choose not to be obedient.

Therefore, the reason is the love of the parents. No need to look at the adult's eyes and look at the child's life. Working as a family member, life cycle, education, socializing, etc., the expectation is that the mother and father are not the same, so it is not a good idea to educate them.


Since it is possible to arrive at the parent's station, observe, receive, and receive each heavenly growth and change, keep calm and other things.


"Thank you, you are my parents." "Thank you, you are my parents."


"Thank you for coming to my home" "Thank you for becoming a child of our family" The relationship between parents is a kind of miracle. Thank you very much.



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