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Breastfeeding seminar

Breastfeeding class


W.e will answer any questions and concerns about breastfeeding during lectures. How to avoid breast trouble and how to perform simple breast massage by yourself. Happy breastfeeding!



Many mothers want to breastfeed. Excellent FM (artificial milk) with very good ingredients in this era

are plentiful on the market, yet WHO advocates and promotes breastfeeding worldwide.

The reason for this is the superiority of breast milk produced only by nature, which cannot be replicated by anything artificial.


Breast milk not only stabilizes the mother-child relationship that strengthens the mother-child relationship, but also improves the health of the mother and child.

It enhances immune function, promotes brain cell development, stabilizes emotions, and promotes mental development.

Recently, it is known that it is highly effective in preventing obesity and preventing adult diseases.


Every mother produces milk after giving birth. Get your baby to drink it as soon as possible, and for as long as possible if possible.

MOM advocates and supports breastfeeding success.


Mother's milk is given directly to the baby by the mother, so mothers should be very familiar with it.


MOM's breastfeeding seminars are for pregnant mothers, those who have problems with breastfeeding after giving birth, those who want to know more about breastfeeding,

We will solve all your doubts and worries, aim for success in breastfeeding, acquire knowledge and techniques,

This is a course to remember breast self-care and massage.


Since it will be held irregularly, we will inform you about it on the HP news blog, MOM mail magazine, Nikkei newspaper, Nikkei bulletin board, etc.


 *This activity is a non-profit activity.


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  As of 2021, breastfeeding guidance is limited to individual guidance only.

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