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What if someone called you Breech?


What should I do if the checkup tells me I have a breech baby? Many end up in caesarean sections.

Rather, the risk of vaginal delivery is high for breech babies, so caesarean section may be safer.

But if possible, I want to fix the breech child. Before the 30th week, the baby still has enough space in the uterus to move easily, but after the 30th week, it becomes more difficult to move. I want you to fix the breech around here. Here are some tips for breech straightening that moms can do.


1. Talk to your baby a lot every day.


Place your hands gently on your stomach and talk to your baby.

For babies, mother's voice echoes through their bones.

It sounds great. Roll your head down,

If you don't, mom will be in trouble. because i want to see you soon

Keep your head down... talk like that every day.





2. Warm up your body with MOM exercises, soften your muscles and move your pelvis.


The exercises that MOM introduces are very easy. It warms your body from the inside out in just 3 minutes.

Please try it while watching a childcare video. Warm up your body with this and then try the breech gymnastics below.!/c20yu



3. Let's do breech gymnastics after number 2.


A. Knee-chest position exercises

With your chest on the floor, kneel and push your buttocks as high as possible.

Do this pose once or twice a day for 10-15 minutes.

After that, slowly bend your knees and lower your buttocks,

Lie on your side and rest for 10-15 minutes without raising your head too quickly.

At that time, please turn the baby sideways so that the back side is up.





Always do this resting position (side-lying position) after the following exercises.

Just get up and don't lift your head.

Also, when you go to bed at night, try to rest on your baby's back.







B. Bridge

Put a futon or pillow under your waist and raise your waist about 30 cm and lie on your back.

Stay in that position for 15-20 minutes. You can put pillows on your head and neck.


The other is to lie on your back with your legs facing the wall and put a futon under your buttocks.

Keep your thighs and legs upright against the wall.

15 minutes in that position.














4. Walk 30 minutes a day.


While naturally swinging your hands back and forth, slightly widen your strideTake a slow walk for 30 minutes every day.














5. Let's do breech stimulation.


I often hear that acupuncture and moxibustion have fixed breech babies, and in fact, some midwives in Japan have adopted this method. Acupuncture stimulation is not guaranteed to cure breech birth, nor is it scientifically proven. However, it has been medically proven that acupuncture can increase fetal activity by 10-20%. In other words, the stimuli of acupuncture and moxibustion act as a kind of inducement to increase the activity of the fetus.Posture change is likely to occur. You may try it, but it may be dangerous to do it by amateur judgment, so please consult a professional practitioner first.


The key point used for reversing the child isShiinWhenSaninkouIt seems that it is the 2 Glebe.

Please press it for about 3 to 5 seconds once, until you feel moderate pain.













6. There is also a theory that people who tend to get cold in the lower half of the body are more likely to have breech babies. It's not medically proven. However, the coldness of the lower body is bad for blood circulation, so it is not good for pregnant women. MOM exercises improve blood circulation, so please try them. Before you go to bed, take a lower body bath, give yourself a lymphatic massage, warm your feet, raise your legs slightly (put a pillow behind your knees) and rest.



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