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postpartum guidance


University of Canada, 1 to 2 days after delivery, 2 to 4 days after autopsy.

When I was in the hospital, I was in the same room as my mother.

There are various instructions given by a doctor who lives in the hospital, but because English is the language used, and there are differences in the basics and medical conditions, there are differences in the content of knowledge, and this city is a new hand.


After leaving the hospital, the home visitor general meeting went to the home within 48 hours, and announced the childcare information and nursing guidance in each location, and the physical condition of the treasure, but now there are no homes in some areas, and the visit to the home in many places has passed through the phone.


Originally born physical strength, it is necessary to re-enhance the flower energy of the child.

Re-enrollment is a cross-country marriage family, the cause is a self-made country and a teacher-like national treasure, and the imaginary disagreement and confusion.

MOM, who is a wealthy Japanese qualified professional worker, has attended the post-production course, providing maternal physical rehabilitation, newborn physical therapy, breastfeeding instruction and breastfeeding massage.




MOM offers breastfeeding.


The instructor will help the mother's body to bear the burden naturally.

Since the beginning of the national revolution in Asia, breast massage is a traditional Japanese technique, and it is an important medical technique for breastfeeding.

Japanese breast massage is a basic treatment method that can be produced under the joint research of birth anatomy and physiological body function by a midwifery doctor.

Discontinued mammary gland pain, accelerated blood circulation and increased secretion, naturally increased breast milk secretion.


Through this massage, the ability to solve problems such as milk blockage and inflammation.


This individual treatment method and guidance method are available to a large number of medical workers. Nowadays, Japanese families, MOMs, and other national families are all progressing to breastfeeding.


* Based on mother-child individual conditions, there are differences in instruction and development.

**Different base material, difference in massage effect.



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