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diaper change




I am often asked which is better, paper diapers or cloth diapers. I will answer whichever is easier to do according to your lifestyle. Unlike in the past, the quality of paper diapers has improved greatly. There are many types, and research has been repeated on the part that touches the skin. It is advertised that it has good water absorption, is a strong ally for a small amount of baby's pee, and that the surface of the diaper is dry even if it absorbs several times.


Cloth diapers feel good on the skin, but I would like them to be rinsed well when washing to remove the soap content.

When he pees, he immediately gets cold and puts a wet cloth on his buttocks, so it is necessary to check and change it frequently. It takes a lot of work, but if you can keep the buttocks clean by changing them frequently, you can prevent diaper rash.

It is said that people voluntarily stop using diapers because they feel discomfort when using cloth. There are individual differences in the ability of a child to go to the bathroom on their own, and the success of potty training at the age of 1-2 depends greatly on the development of the child's awareness and the guts of the parent (laughs). am.

Also, children often don't care about the discomfort of their buttocks as long as they have something to be absorbed in.


Whether it's paper or cloth, it's not good to leave it dirty with excrement.. Even if the child seems fine, it is natural to change it. Except when you know right away that you've pooped,Check and change diapers every 2-3 hours, even if you peeplease do. Poop can easily damage the skin on the buttocks.Change diapers immediately after poopingPlease give


However, the newborn period is especially a lot of poop. If it's a lot, it's rough 10 times a day with farts.

(It's normal for babies to use the power of gas to poop out.) A small amount of poop that comes out with the gas in a clean diaper that has just been changed is a problem. In such a case, remove the poop with a tissue, and fold the tissue over the small dirt. Next time he pees or poops, you can change him.


It's pitiful until it's full of pee and heavy. When cloth gets wet, paper diapers become heavy, and the absorbent part becomes jelly-like? If so, please replace it.


If you can change it frequently during the day, you can use cloth, and if you want him to sleep at night, you can use paper during the night.


Covers are used for cloth diapers, but vinyl and nylon diapers tend to get stuffy, so please use materials with good breathability. Also, avoid triangular diapers that wrap around the thighs so as not to hinder the movement of the hip joints, and use crotch diapers instead.



If you use cloth diapers, make sure the diaper fits inside the diaper cover. If the diaper protrudes from the cover, it will easily stain your clothes.

Boys should make the front part thicker because their pee flies forward, and girls should make the back part thicker as you know.



Disposable diapers spread quickly in Europe and the United States because they don't have to be changed frequently. Instead, there are many products on the market that strongly use deodorants to prevent odors. Also, to prevent diaper rash, there is plenty of room for the buttocks so that you don't mind getting dirty.

Apply petroleum jelly or cream. All to reduce diaper changes.

But what do you think? I don't agree with this practice for babies.


Paper diapers that were soaked forever, sticky buttocks with petroleum jelly, poop with wet wipes

Fukudake, what if it was your own buttocks? ? ? ?

please think about it. What if you poop? Is it OK to just wipe with a wet tissue?

Shouldn't you take a shower and wash it off with soap? ?


A baby's skin has as many sebaceous glands and sweat glands as an adult's, and the skin breathes every day.

Always clean and moderately dry will prevent baby's butt rash.

The skin on the baby's buttocks is thin and delicate. After peeing, wipe off with a lightly damp towel or wet tissue, then dry thoroughly with a dry cloth and put on a new diaper.

(Powder absorbs dirt and leaves it on the skin, so it is rather bad for the skin, and sticky petrolatum is the same.)


In the case of poop, wash it as much as possible.(I have no choice but to use wet wipes when I go out)

Just take out the buttocks and wash it with lukewarm water in the sink for a while and it will be clean immediately. you don't have to use soap,

Let's wash it with hot water. Even baby poop, which is difficult to remove with wet wipes, can be removed cleanly by flushing. Then, if you take a lot of water by pressing it with a dry towel, your buttocks will be smooth. It feels good to have a baby.

If you are hesitant to wash it in a sink, you can also pour lukewarm water into a squeeze bottle and rinse it off.

Both are easy.


In the unlikely event that the buttocks turn red, do not use wet wipes.The skin is so fragile that just rubbing it will damage it even more. It also rubs dirt into fragile skin.

If it becomes red, the trick is to change the diaper frequently, wash it frequently, and dry it frequently.

If the skin breaks or the rash spreads, apply a thick layer of zinc oxide ointment (a diaper rash cream containing Zinc) to prevent redeposition of dirt, protect the skin, and change diapers frequently until the wound dries. continue.

Even so, when the red rash spreads further, the bacteria are growing in the area of the diaper rash. I need a drug that kills the bacteria.

Please see a doctor. In order to avoid this, let's keep diapers changed frequently, dry the buttocks, and keep them clean.



How to change a diaper


1. Get a new diaper ready.

Put up the gathers inside the diaper,

Spread the gathers for the straddle to the outside.

2. Lay your baby on a new diaper.

The top edge of a new diaper

About to come above the navel

Make sure you insert it all the way in.

3. Open the soiled diaper. I often pee and poop as soon as I remove it. Especially for boys, pee will fly upwards, so it's a good idea to cover it lightly with a tissue or something.

4. Clean the dirt on the buttocks.

Boys and girls have different ways of cleaning their buttocks. As shown on the left, be careful not to leave any dirt on the glans for boys and on the urethra and vagina for girls. the sole of the foot,

The back of the penis and the back of the testicles are easy to get dirty, so wipe them well.

The girl opens her labia majora and removes the dirt inside. Always wipe from top to bottom.

Don't use it twice after wiping it once because it will cause bacterial infection in your urethra and vagina.

If the buttocks are red, do not rub them, but wash them off with lukewarm water. Wipe lightly even when you only pee

Let me give you. After wiping, press with a dry cloth or tissue to remove moisture from the skin surface.

Always clean and dry to prevent rashes.


5. While rolling the dirty diaper inside,

Be careful not to let it get on your skin.

When lifting the buttocks, it is often better to pull up with the ankles, but this is not allowed. It is not good for ankle joints nor for hip joints.

Make sure to hold your thighs and behind your knees.

6. Insert your fingers into the inner gathers and pull the diaper up to the navel while keeping the gathers from falling down.

Please cover it completely. If it does not fit the buttocks, there will be a gap and it will cause leakage.

For boys, the trick is to turn your penis downwards.

For newborns whose umbilical cord has not yet been removed, it is important to keep the umbilical cord alive and dry. If there is room in the folded part, fold the folded part inward again.

7. Tuck the edge of the diaper firmly into the side and hold it in place, then pull the tape to secure it in the center.

If you do not put the sides firmly in, there will be gaps and it will shift. After fixing the tape, make sure that the base of the leg and the gathers on the straddle are exposed.

If the gather is on the inside, it will leak from there. Tight enough to fit one finger into the stomach.


Different babies have different body shapes, so if the diaper isn't too small but doesn't fit well on the thighs and stomach, try the following.

Wear a normal diaper, and if the tape is full around the left and right iliac bones, go up one size.

8. If your thighs are too tight to fit your stomach, raise your back slightly and pull the tape diagonally upwards to stop it.

9. If the thighs are loose when it fits on your stomach, make the stomach side longer and pull up the tape diagonally at the bottom to stop it.

10. If a gap is likely to form on your back, pull the tape diagonally downward to stop it.

Beautiful buttocks,

Clean, comfortable...

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